MODI on MS Office 2010

MODI on MS Office 2010

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MODI s mentioned in some posts in this forum, albeit many posts are rather old.

I wanted to test some basic MODI OCR using Office VBA, but as I understand it, MODI is removed from Office 2010 (which I use). A workaround mentioned on the net was installing Office 2007 components including the MODI on top of the Office 2010. Well, I did add SharePoint 2007 designer and sure enough MODI type library shows up in the reference list in Office 2010 VBA! Problem is that OCR, myDoc.OCR, on a valid TIF-file throws an xpage3c.dll incompatible error causing the Office application used to completely crash out.

Is there any hope on MODI at all nowadays? Has anyone used alternatives on Office 2010? Using Kofax components or not?

I added my references to MDIVWCTL.DLL, from the installed location of MODI added by SharePoint 2007.
Outlook VBA cause xpage3c.dll message, but not Excel VBA. Trying myDoc.OCR in Excel on the same time just crashes Excel.
The TIF-file is a multi TIF and I get can get the number of pages in VBA using a MODI document page count property. Also, thumbnails in MODI works very well on the TIFs and the image page collection I created from the document (cool to use in VBA applications). Basicly, I think the TIFF is ok as I am able to open it manually in the MODI tool and do manual MODI OCR on it.

I am aware of MODI is not Kofax, but some people here seems to have used MODI successfully. If MODI can't be used in Office 2010 VBA, it would be helpful to know what others used instead with Office 2010 and VBA.
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