Possible to not have any workflow?

Possible to not have any workflow?

Postby » Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:58 pm

We will be going paperless very soon, and we currently use default module from kofax10.
so basic enter info relating to scan images jpeg/tiff, then release images in filesystem, and data in oracle

We where only treating new applications, but now need to scan/release about 10 different types of documents.
Is it possible to build custom modules to have only one screen that would:
- create a jpeg or tiff batch (or having both types of image types in same batch would be the icing on the cake)
- user can scan first 2 pages (enter vrs , then close vrs), and select document type
- then scan another 3 pages (enter vrs then close vrs)....and select document type
- then scan 1 page (enter vrs then close vrs)...select document type
Then enter the application # that these documents relate to..
Then hit release button
all on same screen
If you think it is feasable, do you know of any companies that do custom modules, in the ottawa/canada region. or build it offsite and test in house after.

Thanks guys

p.s. our needs are quite simple and may require another tool. we are only using 5-10% of kofax power right now. But since we are already licensed, best to try and get an expert to come in and design the screen.
How much time do you estimate to do this....2-3 months?

Thanks guys for any feedback you can give me...

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Re: Possible to not have any workflow?

Postby » Fri Jul 19, 2013 1:42 am

With a little careful designing you could possibly achieve this pretty much with standard Kofax Scan and one custom panel. There may be more to your requirement that would change this, but the basics could be:

1. Build a batch class with all your document types, and their relevant export connectors.
2. Define a batch field (for application #). Define any other index fields you need.
3. Use manual separation and identification method or separator sheets.
4. Use Scan to create batches (enter application # as batch field).
4. Use Scan module to scan pages. VRS can be configured to open on every page to check quality.
5. Manually separate and classify documents in Scan module, or check separated correctly by separator sheets.
6. Custom panel in Scan allows entry of index information.
7. Close batch.
8. Export runs as service and exports the documents according to relevant export connector settings (using batch field application #).

This should only require the building of a custom panel for Scan rather than a complete custom module. If you would like more details, or to discuss quoting for the development, please contact me on mail@davidcrewe.com


PS. I have a custom database folder export connector which may be of use as well. http://www.davidcrewe.com/databasefolderexport.html
David Crewe

Check out our set of custom add-ons for Kofax Capture - www.DavidCrewe.com/products.html
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