Acsent 7.5 FileNet Content Manager 4.5 on AIX system

Acsent 7.5 FileNet Content Manager 4.5 on AIX system

Postby Pieter Meyer » Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:03 am


The export of our documents are working correctly but the FileNet team is complaining about a certain error that is being logged on their system say something in the line of folder uniqueness error and that the folder already exist. We have gone through the source code for the Acsent 7.5 FileNet Content Manager 4.5 export script and it seems when it does its check to see if the folder already exist the check comes up false. We have come to the conclusion that it’s because it's using the Windows folder separator "\" but the FileNet system we are using is on an AIX system that uses "/" folder separator. When the check is done the two values it's checking does not match and it's giving an incorrect replay clogging the FileNet Logs.

We tried to update the source code but were unable to build the solution because of missing web references. Can anyone shed some light on why we are unable to build the project?
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