XML LINQ release script - Customization Questions

XML LINQ release script - Customization Questions

Postby Sarma.Kofax » Mon Apr 23, 2012 6:43 am

Hello all,

I am trying to do some minor customizations to XMLLINQ release script. I am trying to change the name of index XML file as Batch Name or Batch GUID.
Also, I want to create some custom folders when the images are released. See screenshot below:

XMLLINQ Release Screen.jpg
XML LINQ Release Screenshot
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In Document Storage Tab -> XML file, I gave "\\DWN08003\CaptureSV\Export\{Batch Name}.xml".
Also, for Release Images, I gave "\\DWN08003\CaptureSV\Export\{Current Date}\{Batch Name}\".

I customized the "Release.cs" file and added the following line to replace {Batch Name} with actual value:
XMLFilename = XMLFilename.Replace("{Batch Name}", DocumentData.BatchName.ToString());

This works fine but for releasing images, my custom path is never created. Ascent completely ignores my customization.

Any ideas?


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